The Exhibit

The Hamilton Book was featured in the exhibit during March and April of this year at the Nova Southeastern University Alvin Sherman Library in Davie, Florida. We were welcomed with a private, guided tour of the exhibit by Adam Levinson (Statutes and Stories) and AHA Society founder Rand Scholet.

Adam and Rand led a deeply informative tour around the exhibit covering a collection of impressive books, newspaper articles, and artwork. Also joining us on the tour was Mary Anne Hamilton, Max Levinson, AHA Vice President Sergio Villavicencio, and several other delightful guests.

The exhibit and event closed with a fantastic, informative presentation by Rand covering the life and legacy of Alexander Hamilton. We were extremely grateful to be part of the exhibit and hope all who attended were able to enjoy seeing Alexander Hamilton's Grotius book live in person! We look forward to displaying the book at future events and sharing this historical piece with you all.


[left] The Rights of War and Peace on display in the Alvin Sherman Library at Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Florida during the Alexander Hamilton exhibit March and April, 2019.

[right] Top-down view of the book open to the page containing the signature of Alexander Hamilton.